Don't bite the hand that feeds you


Jealous of the scoops generated by those isolated pajama—clad conservative bloggers, mainstream media types are fuming.  Unsuccessful at finding many scoops themselves, MSMs  whine,  settling for exaggerating minor stories while ignoring others.  And of course some even fall back on the solution of failures everywhere —— government regulation of  and protection from the blogging usurpers.
But now Accuracy in Media, in another scoop, reveals another possibility why some of the MSM has been so lackadaisical  recently.
One would think that our journalists, who profess a commitment to the Bill of Rights, would raise the alarm. But they're too busy filling out grant applications to the Soros Open Society Institute. 

Aha!  George Soros, founder and funder of, the  organization that publicly bought and now proudly proclaims they own the Democratic Party, has also founded and funded several press organizations. 
So, want funding?  Then don't complain about the funder and his dubious business practices.
An individual opposed to one of Soros'  causes, drug legalization, spoke at the National Press Club but was allegedly roughed up and removed.  While I personally believe in such legalization, only because suppression is causing more problems than legalization, he should have been heard.  But no, no, no——freedom of the press be damned when biting the hand that feeds the press will withhold the food.
Arf, arf.  Good doggy press.

Ethel C. Fenig   4 18 05