Durbin dishonors true victims of tyranny


Senator Richard Durbin (D—IL) outraged many by equating American interrogation at Guantanamo with the methods used by the Nazis and the Soviets.
However, not only has he refused to apologize he insists
...the Bush administration should apologize for abandoning the Geneva Conventions.
For the record, the Geneva Conventions do not cover illegal combatants. Extending their protection to non—signatories and those who do not wear a uniform actually detsroys the effectiveness of the conventions, which are intended to protect non—combatants by identifying those who are engaged in combat. Those who refuse to wear uniforms put non—combatants in danger.
Durbin's deviant moral equivalency trivializes the evil of Nazism and Communism, while trashing the memories of the millions of its victims.  The true successors to the Nazis and the Communists are those who Durbin is simultaneously elevating, who want nothing more than to slaughter us all. Those few who survived such Nazi horrors as Auschwitz or Bergen Belsen or the Soviet Communist gulags should enlighten Durbin.
Ethel C. Fenig    6 16 05