Eason Jordan and journalists' welfare


We know it's a tough job for reporters out there covering the action on the mean streets of Iraq, all the while trying to maintain an air of objectivity.  All sides in this war must be given equal time according to our neutral press, right?  In light of Jordan's assertions at Davos, readers may want to flashback to this past July, when a Time reporter decided to join up with the terrorists and function as their mouthpiece and personal courier .

It's ridiculous of course, to claim that there is an official policy to target journalists on the part of Coalition forces.  But riddle me this:  how would feel if Michael Ware came up to your rifle squad to be the embedded reporter just prior to the attack on Fallujah?

Maybe Jordan really is trying to defend the indefensible — treason in a battle zone.

Doug Hanson  02—14—05