Mordechai Nisan has an excellent review of Bat Ye'or's book Eurabia intoday's Jersualem Post. Excerpt:

Europe, manifesting anti—Semitism, anti—Americanism and an anti—Israel bias, has succumbed to Arab policy dictates. The former European Commission and now the EU has opened its media, schools and parliaments to singularly Arab views, whereby a Euro—Mediterranean partnership provides the political umbrella for dhimmitude in Europe.

The former European imperialism in Muslim lands has been replaced by Muslim colonization and political domination of Europe. A critical sign of the latter development was Europe's cultivation of the terrorist Palestine Liberation Organization beginning in the 1970s, and its demonization of Israel's existence and policies as the Jewish state faced savage Palestinian warfare.

For Bat Ye'or, Islamic jihad denies dhimmis their dignity and right to self—defense. A mental process evolves with the internalization of self—degradation by the dhimmi victims who, over time, deny themselves the right to even criticize Islam and Muslim policies. Instead, the dhimmis — European countries like France — symbolically pay the poll tax (jizya) in the currency of investments in the Arab world, diplomatic support for the Arab world, and by turning a blind eye to Islamic and Palestinian terrorism. In return for which Europe expects to be rewarded with security, business contracts and oil, while spared the wrath of Islam.

Andrew Bostom   4 29 05