European leftists hate us anyway


Today a New York Times editorial continues the campaign to spring reporter Judith Miller from the confinement imposed on her for defying a federal court order requiring her to disclose her source of information regarding the Valerie Plame story. The Times is oh—so respectful of Europeans' lack of regard for America that they now raise the imagined impact on America's standing abroad when justifying their campaign to have her releases.

The Times editorial board and journalists working for the paper are, in reality, disrespectful of America and the US court system and are certainly more European than they are American in their attitudes and concerns. They dredge up three particular Europeans to somehow symbolize the harm done to America's reputation abroad: Bernard—Henri Levy ( French philosopher), Gunter Grass (German author), and Pedro Almodovar (Spanish filmmaker).

Nice European diversity but certainly not much intellectual diversity. A French philosopher?  Can he be anything but anti—Republican and anti—American? Gunter Grass, the leftist author, has a long history of anti—Americanism and any support he gives Miller is more likely a cudgel to bash the Bush Administration and embarrass America. Pedro Almodovar is the moviemaker behind "The Motorcycle Diaries"—the paean to Che Guevara, the Communistic terrorist partner of Castro who spread mayhem and death throughout South America.

The New York Times is clearly controlled by aging ex—hippie Pinch Sulzberger who toys with the Times as he continues his futile efforts to prolong the "revolution".

Ed Lasky   8 29 05