Frequent fraud program


The new documents used by CBS and the Boston Globe to raise questions about President Bush's National Guard service appear to be crude frauds, written on a word processor, a technology which didn't exist at the time the documents were created. Powerline has taken the lead on the story.

If it proves to be a fraud, it won't be the first time the Globe has been duped. The newspaper was revealed to have published on its front page an obviously fraudulent picture of "abuse" of prisoners taking place, during the Abu Ghraib kerfuffle. Knowledgable experts quickly pointed—out that the gun being held by the "soldier" in the picture was in use by any of the allied forces operating in Iraq.

The old media, in energentically seeking to destroy President Bush's re—election, is simply destroying itself. Future historians will be astonished at their recklessness.

Who gave the fraudulent documents to CBS? They owe us an explanation.

Posted by Thomas  9 9 04