Gandhi should take his own advice


The grandson of Mahatma Gandhi urged Palestinian refugees Sunday to march home from Jordan en masse, even if the Israelis "kill 200 people," to shock the world into taking notice.

Let me second that:  Yes, Arabs/ Moslems: march home; home to Jordan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, from where you and your ancestors lived.  But not to Israel, where you came for better oppportunities. Create your own opportunities in your native lands.  And as for Arun Ghandhi, don't degrade your heritage, build on it. Your country needs you.  Return to India to preach your peaceful message to the Moslems and Hindus fighting over Kashmir; urge the different castes to unite and improve the social and economic conditions of the country; be an example and change the status of women.

Posted by Ethel C. Fenig  8 29 04