Germany's garage sale


Herb Meyer's Open letter to Europe is absolutely spot on.  Not only is it a 'willful blindness' that prevents Europe from confronting the assault on Western civilization, it is the scrambling to financially make up for over 30 years of failed socialist policies.

Germany is being forced to cut back on vital operations in the War on Terror around the Horn of Africa, and is also trying to increase cash flow by selling off top of the line Leopard II main battle tanks.  Ironically, the customer for the sale is none other than Turkey, whose immigrants to Germany have been the recipients of scorn and derision from German citizens for over 40 years.

It seems that, unable to figure out a solution to the 'Turkish problem,' Herr Schroeder is doing the next best thing by arming the nominally secular Muslim nation with modern Western armor.  Hopefully, the Turks will make nice, and not attack into northern Iraq or into the Balkans.

The things the Europeans will do for a Euro knows no bounds.

Doug Hanson  02—21—05