Green myths busted


The other day you read how "Cleaner (read:greener) air is actually contributing to global warming". Today I want you to see how millions of taxpayers hard earned green—backs are being wasted on so—called environmentally friendly Green—buildings. You'll read how

"One Tacoma middle school was expected to save 35 percent on energy, but it's actually using 25 percent more than a conventional building..."

That's just one of many buildings and that'll be true for yeeeeears to come!
I'd be willing to wager the difference in the cost of a year's gasoline between that of a Hummer and a Hybrid that these two stories are only the tips of not—as—fast—as—they'd—like—you—to—believe—they're—melting icebergs, that'll never appear on page one of the NY Times!
Joe Crowley   5 09 05