Green with envy


Jason DeParle, a New York Times writer adept at sneering through his word processor, cannot help himself and lets the envy show a bit in his article today about the 64 summer interns working at the Heritage Foundation.

The familiar lament that the well—funded conservative movement is outspending and out—organizing the left appears, of course. So, too, the alarm that even some students at elite universities and colleges are not only conservative, but have honed their debating skills by confronitng a predominantly left—wing faculty. There is almost an admission that academia is seriously imbalanced.

The most interesting aspect of the article is its severe case of architectural envy. Heritage has raised money for a dorm to house the young interns, and it even has balconies! The poor interns at People for the American Way have to find their own housing. It's just not fair. Manhattanites without balconies reading the article must feel that the evil right wing is simply buying the allegiance of the young.

Thomas Lifson   6 14 05