Green zone problems


Michael Rubin writes today in National Review Online about the problems associated with the Green Zone in Baghdad. It seems that the Green Zone in baghdad has become Iraq's Avenue K, full of lobbyists and American bureaucrats! No wonder the Iraqi voters are upset!

Send all the diplomats back to Kuwait and bring home the Army soldiers sitting around with nothing to do (e.g. the Patriot missile batteries, which have no enemy aircraft to shoot at and only succeeded in downing friendly aircraft during the combat phase of the war! And for those who note that they did succeed in downing a few Scuds, I would suggest the Navy destroyers in the Persian Gulf could have done that too, but would have been less likely to down a Navy F/A—18! The Green Zone is full of what Vietnam era grunts would call REMFs. Read an OIF grunt's first hand report of "POG Heaven" here.

Bruce Thompson   4 18 05