Half-measures demanded by the Chicago Tribune


The Chicago Tribune, no friend of the GOP, takes note of the revelations of contact between the Kerry campaign and Bill Burkett, including yesterday's revelation that Lcokhart told Mary Beth Cahill, who informe the candidate himself about the phone conversation between Lockhart and Burkett — the one brokered by CBS News. The Trib  calls on both CBS and the Kerryites to 'come clean':

Time now for the Kerry campaign and CBS to come clean about all communiques between them about this story

Unfortunately, immediately following, the Tribune sets the bar absurdly low:

Kerry has denounced what he and others say are baseless lies from swift boat veterans about his service record. It will be heartening to hear his reassurance that he has inspected his own campaign and found it innocent of any involvement in CBS' tawdry fiasco.

Asking Kerry to be his own inspector—general is absurd. Outside scrutiny is called for. And the inspectors have to be people with no predisposition to whitewash.

Hat tip: Ed Lasky

Thomas Lifson  9 22 04