Have you been to Soros's blog?


Have you been to Soros's blog? The old scoundrel has quite an operation. He's obviously gotten frustrated with moveon.org, I bet —  all those crazy lefties who brought him the NY GOP protestor fiasco. Now, with Rathergate, he's realized the pajama brigade is the wave of the future. (And what DO his pajamas look like, by the way?)

It's an interesting blog, beautifully designed and works really well, technically speaking. But the message itself? Boring, boring boring. He doesn't understand the first thing about blogging — it's got to be chatty and interesting. All he delivers are stale proclamations. He's been to too many pompous meetings for his own good. 

For blogs, the techs and the design can have rough edges in some cases, though it's better if they don't. But the content has to be compelling — there's too much competition, and no paid subscriptions.

Hey George, ya gotta have heart! Do it with energy.

Can George Soros accomplish that? His new blog, like his moveon.org, is going to be a failure, too.

A.M. Mora y Leon   10 02 04