Hillary's mouth


Hillary Clinton tends to get in trouble when speaking before a friendly audience. Because she is a control freak and an utter phony, the real Hillary is normally hidden behind a facade of moderation and politeness.

Speaking to group of donors, she let fly some astonishingly nasty rhetoric, especially considering her husband's past.

When she is asked why the American government allows many jobs to be outsourced to China, and when people ask why Washington doesn't "get tougher on China" for not respecting international labor and trade standards, Mrs. Clinton said she replies: "How do you get tough on your banker?"

The Bush administration "is giving up fiscal sovereignty" to the Beijing government, "a horrible position to be in," she said

Given the money illegally sent to her husband from China (not to mention the space secrets sold to the Chinese), this is chutzpah of a rare order. Given her cries for civility, these remarks are brazen hypocrisy.

Ed Lasky   6 7 05