Hillary's village will feed your children


Positioning herself as an oh so concerned parent/citizen Senator Hillary Clinton (D—NY) has published a six step plan for healthier living for children in her New York state constituency's largest newspaper.
At first glance packed with common sense and helpfulness, this plan masks an ominous government control, previously cozily euphamized as a village, raising children. Yours. Ours. Everyone's.
"We" (government) must/should... not "parents" but "we."  Schools, the business community and health care professionals must follow her governmental dictums.
For example,

"We should... provide free fresh fruits and vegetables in elementary schools and..reduce the amount of junk food available there." 

You know that food won't be free, it will be another taxpayer financed boondoggle with wasted food but smug feelings.  
Take Nobel Prize winner Milton Friedman's dictum "There's no such thing as a free lunch" to heart. The price for this free lunch will be your children.  And for most of us, the cost will be heartbreaking.
Ethel C. Fenig   7 14 05