Honest reporting


Remember Proposition 200?  This is the Arizona initiative which passed with 56% of the vote last November.  It calls for 'proof of citizenship to register to vote, photo ID to vote, and proof of eligibility for non—federally mandated public benefits.'

Last night, I was at a dinner with Phoenix car—dealer Rusty Childress, who has been called "the father of 200."  He was a little bit weary of the fight.  Fight?  The proposition passed, right?  It did, but it didn't.  Earlier this year, Arizona's Democrat Governor, Janet Napolitano, vetoed the bill that would have implemented the law. 

Childress was down for another reason as well.  This morning's Arizona Republic was going to carry the story of an announced boycott of his business by a local Hispanic group.  After reading the story, however, Childress should feel a bit energized today.  The article actually reports facts over hype and hysteria.

Boycott leader, Jon Garrido, is quoted as saying, "We see the boycott as a laser—guided bomb aimed at Childress Buick. We're not going to be happy until we close the doors of Childress Buick."

Reporter Yvonne Wingnet follows this quote with this bit of news:

"We" is Garrido, the founder and only member of a new organization, the National Hispanic Legal Defense and Education Center, which has not yet been incorporated or established with a board of directors.

Refreshing, isn't it?

J. James Estrada   6 8 05