If only Red Adair were alive now


Red Adair is one of my personal heroes. If our schools were run to actually teach children how to live their lives, Red Adair's life and achievements would be part of the curriculum in junior high school, when children begin to form their concept of what adulthood means. Such men are national treasures.

My friend Bob Lee Swagger astutely notes that we needed someone just like Red Adair running FEMA, instead of a personable paper—pusher. General Honore strikes me as just such a man. Given the difficulties in confirming even the best of men to high office, mean and women of such a high order are not exactly encouraged to apply their talents in public office. In an age of terrorism, we can't really afford colorless mediocrities in charge. As you watch the Senate hearings on John Roberts, keep that in mind.

Thomas Lifson   9 16 05