Interrogation by any other name


Suspected masterminds of a hostage taking and killing incident 

were handcuffed and in their underwear. Bruises could be seen on their faces and one had stitches across his forehead.

Surprisingly Senator Dick Durbin (D—IL) hasn't denounced this treatment; Amnesty International and Human Wrongs Watch are not talking about gulags; the outrage is not on the UN's agenda; Europe, still engrossed in its EU problems, has seemingly ignored the situation. 
Has the entire planet suddenly allied with the US to fight terrorism?  Na—a—h!  Proving their double, deviant standards——and dare we say it——racism——all of the above are silent.  After all, the suspected murderers and hostage takers are Cambodians who killed a Canadian toddler during a seige at a nursery school in Cambodia; the interrogators are also Cambodian.
O—oh!  then this treatment is permissible.  Only Americans and Israelis can't defend themselves and are subjected to violent criticism when they attempt to do so.
Oh the hypocrisy!
Ethel C. Fenig   6 17 05