Iran, the vulnerable


The invaluable RegimeChangeIran website draws our attention to a startling article in India Daily, predicting that the regime could withstand a serious American invasion of Iran for only a few days.

Pakistani President Gen. Pervez Musharraf said on Feb. 25 that Pakistan would remain neutral in the case of a U.S. attack against Iran over Tehran's nuclear program. However, he expressed hope that such an attack would not occur.

Sources say, Pakistan is very convinced that if situation arise, Iran cannot even stand the American invasion for even days. General Musharraf knows something that the world does not know yet.

International think tanks believe, the main weapons Americans can use is creation of charged ionized environment where the enemy is unable to fight.

Frankly, I am highly skeptical. If such secret weapons were available, they would surely ahve been used already in Iraq. And India may not posess the greatest sources within Pakistan for the inside thinking of the regime.

Nevertheless, such speculation cannot hurt. We aree playing a multidimensional chess game with the mad mullahs. There may well be sources of leverage unknowable outside the inner circle of President Bush. Antyhing which might frighten them (at least until they have a functional neclear arsenal) is a help.

Thomas Lifson  2 28 05