Is Beverly Cocco really a Republican?


The media have a penchant to try to find Republicans who do not support George Bush. In the latest stretch they found a Pennsylvania mother, Beverly Cocco, who states that she is a Republican yet opposes Presdient Bush because she fears a resumption of the draft (a rumor utterly without factual basis and one being spread by Kerry supporters—both in and out of the media).
 How reliable is her  politcal self—designation? A visit to the website might help buttress her (and CBS's claim). This web site is the most comprehensive record of political donations which might serve as a proxy of one's political affiliation or strength of commitment.
RESULT: Beverly Cocco has never given to a political candidate—Republican or Democrat!
Is she really a Republican or did she just pose as one for CBS News? Did CBS knowingly engage in this ruse?

Ed Lasky   9 30 04