It's the economy smartie!


Hear ye, hear ye doomsayers and the hate America crowd——you're wrong.  Again.  This time you're wrong about the economy.  People are working, businesses are expanding, investment is growing.  

Several Indicators Point to Brisk Economic Growth
Published: July 28, 2005
Sales of new homes and orders for durable goods rose faster than expected last month, the government reported yesterday, providing more indications that the economy is expanding at a brisk pace.

Separately, the Federal Reserve said that the economic expansion had picked up steam and that inflation remained at bay in June and early July.

The central bank's beige book, a periodic survey on economic conditions, noted broad strength in housing, manufacturing, tourism, consumer spending and banking.

Yes, eventually the economy will not be as robust but because this isn't a bubble to go pop! at the first sign of liberal discontent the solid foundation will remain.  Enjoy. 

Ethel C. Fenig   7 28 05