Jesse in Caracas and the folks back home


Jesse Jackson visits Caracas, and a Chicagoan looks homeward. Richard J. Daley, da mare of da people uh da city uh Chicago, recently declared one of the five best mayors in the nation because of his admitted ability to make the trains run on time, is in really big trouble. The Feds are looking into still yet another corruption scandal under his reign——something to the effect that hiring by the city isn't based on the highest civil service test scores and that  government set aside programs to hire minority run companies were fronts really controlled by white pals of da mare.
Now any individual who has lived in Chicago for over a month would not be surprised at any of this and really doesn't care——the practical inhabitants just want the snow removed, the garbage cleaned up and yes, the trains to run on time. And some circuses. And to get part of the action (uh, cash).  And under Daley, all this happens.  At least, that's what he tells da people.
But apparently the Federal government is just amazed and is looking seriously into this corruption.  The Feds are doing the unquestionable——questioning Daley.  And one of the people making the loudest noises amidst the babble "Will Daley run again?" is none other than Rep Jesse Jackson Jr (D—IL).  Yep, named after his pop, none other than you know who.  Some news media have even picked Junior as Daley's next opponent/successor.  
So did this trip have another purpose besides Jackson's amazing ability to be at a breaking news story offering commentary/getting publicity/getting some type of pay off?  Like trying to sway Hispanic voters to lean towards his son instead of stick with Daley? 
Hey, just asking.  I'm a native Chicagoan.
Ethel C. Fenig    8 28 05