Juan Cole says something nice about Israel


Juan Cole loathes Israel, and is no big fan of American neocons, either. But he wrote an aticle on Iraq last month, that was surprisingly realistic, in response to a challenge by daily kos  to come up with a solution, rather than just bitching about it.  This is what he wrote of Israeli advances in hydrogen power technology:

"The Israelis may save the world if this technique for producing hydrogen pans out and proves practical," wrote Professor Juan Cole of the University of Michigan on his influential blog Informed Comment....

In a breakthrough that has dramatic implications for energy use worldwide, Israeli researchers have shown that hydrogen fuel can be produced with the help of sunlight — propelling the dream forward of using hydrogen as a 'green' fuel.

The innovative solar technology developed at Weizmann Institute of Science that may offer an environmentally sound solution to the production of hydrogen fuel has been successfully tested on a large scale, and also promises to facilitate the storage and transportation of hydrogen.

The chemical process behind the technology was originally developed at Weizmann on a scale of several kilowatts.

It is strikingly obvious to anyone who examines the flow of new technologies in the world that Israel is a powerhouse, contributing useful inventions that enrich the lives of every member of humanity with access to the modern world. The contrast with those who wish to obliterate Israel could not be more stark.

Ed Lasky, Richard Baehr and Thomas Lifson   9 12 05