Kerry and his deceitful allies


In an article  in The Washington Times, Stephen Dinan and Rowan Scarborough report that John Kerry has admitted that even if he were elected President, he would not be able to coerce or bribe (OK, I made that up; only the UN can do that) France or Germany to contribute troops to Iraq.  Yet, Kerry and the coalition of the unwilling and stonewalling seem to ignore the fact that both countries have contributed a substantial number of troops and equipment around the world in support of the Global War on Terror.

From my article on May 7, 2004:

It may surprise most Americans, but the [German] Bundeswehr has more troops deployed in peacekeeping operations and War on Terror missions abroad than any country except the United States.  Over seven thousand German military personnel are deployed in Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Africa.  Some of these men and women are part of multi—national formations performing peacekeeping duties, combat operations, and maritime security duties around the globe.

In addition to having ground troops in Afghanistan, Germany provides a critical military capability to secure the strategic Gulf of Aden and the transportation lanes through the Red Sea.  The units are based in the former (ahem) French colony of Djibouti and include 1800 personnel, three frigates, five patrol boats, two to three support craft and German naval aviation maritime patrol planes.  In addition, the French have over 2000 troops deployed in the same area, including French Marines.

It seems that John Kerry's allies don't really have a problem risking their 'young for our young in body bags' in far flung regions of the world.  It's only when they are called to arms against their former oil—for—food benefactor that they have a problem with risking the lives of their soldiers and sailors.  Maybe Kerry just isn't offering them enough money to make up for the financial losses incurred since their old boss was tossed out and ended up in a four by six foot underground apartment.

Posted by Doug Hanson   10—06—04