Kerry, the godfather


Continuing to act like a typical Democrat, John F. Kerry has donated $1million to the Democratic National Committee.
"Join me with a contribution of your own to show the incoming DNC chair that you want to support organizing in your own community," Kerry wrote in an e—mail to about 3 million supporters on his e—mail list.

Well OK, just because Kerry recently headed the Democratic ticket, this isn't typical Democratic behavior——most Democrats want the government to supply the funds.  And while there are many wealthy Democrats, not all can afford to contribute such a large sum. 
But wait, there's a catch, of course.  This money is not from Kerry's, or even his wife's, personal wealth, inherited from her late Republican first husband; these are surplus funds from his failed campaign account.  And there is more where that came from, $10 million more. What will he do with it?  Will he become a power with al this money? 
Follow the money.

Ethel C. Fenig   2 10 05