Kerry's $9000 in unreimbursed health expenses


Just One Minute has been raising an interesting question regarding the personal income tax forms opened to public scrutiny by candidate Kerry. (Of course his wife's tax returns — the principal source of support for his lavish lifestyle — remain hidden from public examination). It seems that Kerry lists $9000 in unreimbursed medical expenses, over and above his lavish and comprehensive Senate health care insurance plan. What could the expenses be for?

Loyal readers may remember our article Sleepless in Cam Ranh Bay, which raised questions about his possible affliction with parasomnia, a serious sleep disorder. Kerry's recent midnight rally in Springfield, OH, during which his right eyeball displayed a distinct tendency to roll upward into his head, did nothing to reassure us. A few commentators speculated that he was inebriated, but I don't think so.

For whatever reason, despite having promised to release his medical records, candidate Kerry has not released them. He expects the American people to elect a man to our highest office, without knowing the state of his health, or the details of the financial support of his lifestyle.

Strange, no?

Posated by Thomas  9 6 04