Kerry's absurd non-sequitur


Mass. Democratic politicians have roundly attacked Senator Santorum's recent comments regarding how the liberal culture of Boston may have contributed to the Catholic Church sex abuse scandal. This was to be expected, given that Boston is sacred ground for liberals and Santorum is vulnerable in Pennsylvania's next election. However, Kerry has issued an absurd, pathetic and embarrassing (even for Kerry) non sequitur:

Sen. John F. Kerry said the families of Massachusetts soldiers who have died in Iraq "know more about the mainstream American values of Massachusetts than Rick Santorum ever will."

Is Kerry so maladroit that he thinks a ridiculous comment like that will convince Americans that he and the Democratic Party actually support the military and hold soldiers up as paragons of virtue? Santorum did not serve in the military, while (as we are forced to remember) Kerry did. But the soldiers in Iraq have absolutely nothing to do with Santorum's comment or the sex abuse issue.

Pathetic. And this guy is supposed to be a great debater?

Ed Lasky   7 14 05