Kerry's foreign policy advisor meets with Islamicist fanatic


During Kerry's presidential campaign, Rand Beers was his Foreign Policy Advisor and putative Secretary of State or choice for Homeland Security Advisor should he have won the Presidential election.
Although he worked in Republican Administration Beers left the Bush Administration to work with candidate Kerry. He is a registered Democrat. Now comes word that Beers attended a meeting, sponsored by the liberal—leaning Brookings Institution and Qatar, which brought Westerners together with Islamic extremists to discuss "whether and how" to include jihadist groups in democracies.
As Diana West points out here, even broaching the subject has got to encourage terrorists, rewarding murderers and intimidation with the trappings of self—rule and international recognition. By the conference end, Islam Online, was trumpeting that "the US is ready to accept the involvement of Islamist groups..should they understand the rules of the game."
Most experts declare that such engagement with these groups is just one of a myriad of strategies extremists use to gain power for their nefarious goals. Yet Beers, Kerry's key man on foreign policy, has made himself a tool of such extremist. Again, let us thankfully praise the voters who put Bush over the top on November 2nd of last year.
Ed Lasky  4 25 05