Kerry's NYT op-ed


John Kerry is telling President Bush what to say in his speech tonight, in the opinion pages of the New York Times.

Tomorrow, he will probably write one with the opposite tack...Is Kerry engaging in projection?  A little humility, please. John Kerry, of all people, calling for someone else to show humility?

He calls for surrounding states to help with Iraq's borders. This is fantasy: they are the states helping the insurgency.

He alls for using tribal and ethnic militias. But they are a divisive development.

He calls for taking into account other nations'concerns about the fitful Israeli—Palestinian negotiations. This seems like he wants to pressure the Israelis and make them the scapegoat for frustrations in Iraq.

Since Bush is delivering the speech tonight, seems as if the Times is giving space to the candidate they feel should be the President.

Ed Lasky   6 28 05