Kerry's unilateralism


Kerry's whole foreign policy program is based on multilateralism. He looks for working with the UN, EU and wants to "reach out to the Muslim world" (which can be seen by some as capitulation). Yet his ONE AND ONLY UNILATERALIST STEP WOULD BE CANCELING THE BUNKER BUSTING BOMB PROGRAM!
This is reminiscent of the Reagan—era protesters who opposed the placement of missiles in Europe and the resumption of the ABM and space defense programs, because it would anger the USSR. History has shown that steadfastness on these programs was of immeasurable help in defeating communism and liberating the Russians from tyranny.

This is consistent with Kerry's long running desire and series of votes to cut defense and intelligence programs. Kerry believes that continuing this defense program would anger such worthies as Iran and North Korea and lead them to develop nuclear weapons. Memo to Kerry: these maniacs don't need to be prompted — they have been developing these weapons through thick and thin throughout the Clinton years (with an able assist from Jimmy Carter). A matter of fact, they have dispersed these WMD programs throughout their nations in BUNKERS.
Without these bunker busting programs we would have few ways to confront them regarding their nuclear programs. You state that you will hunt down terrorists wherever they are—but what if they are in BUNKERS?
What are you going to use—spitballs?

Ed Lasky   10 01 04