Kristallnacht: the sequel


The Nazi frenzy and insane hatred of the Jewish people reached its apotheosis in the Holocaust — an event that many Arabs believe is a fabrication. This horror was presaged and, in a sense, foretold by Kristallnacht, "The Night of Broken Glass" where synagogues throughout Germany were torched and destroyed by Nazi mobs. 

Now the Palestinian Arabs have staged a rough sequel to this blot on world history as they engage in a like—minded rampage of burning and looting of Synagogues throughout the Gaza Strip. They have had a lot of practice in destroying things, including Jewish religious sites in the West Banks they had promised to protect.

Palestinian Arabs also, delusionally, have denied any Jewish connection to the land of Israel. Now they seem to be turning their ire on the reamining Christians among them.

Let us not forget that Palestinian terrorists have occupied and ransacked one of the holiest sites of Christendom, The Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem.  However, their depredations against Christians go way beyond this outrage. Daniel Pipes has taken note of the Palestinian war against the Christians in today's article in the New York Sun. Call it Kristallnacht II. But this time it is even more ambitious in scope. It is against the Judeo—Christian heritage of Western Civilization.
* British Muslims are pressuring England to do away with Holocaust Day—which marks this horror.

Ed Lasky   9 13 05