Lasky's take on the debate


Well here is my take for what it is worth:
1) RNC should attack Kerry on the "Global Test" issue
2) Kerry would unilaterally stop the development of bunker—busting weapons because our program just encourages other nations to develop nuclear weapons. He is equating us with the bad guys — just like he did in Vietnam. How are we to deal with Iran and North Korea who have buried their labs in underground bunkers if we don't have weapons to destroy them? Goes back to his defense/intelligence cutting.
3) Bush is pursuing multilateral approach to North Korea, defusing that issue.
4) Kerry brags that he has dealt with foreign leaders for 20 years — longer than Bush. How much dealing with foreign leaders does a Senator actually do when these powers are reserved for the most part to the President? Who were the foreign leaders—the Sandinistas, Castro? Before that—the North Vietnamese and VC?
Bring out Arnold, Giuliani, etc. This is going to be a stressful 5 weeks.
Kerry "seemed" much more in command of facts. Split screen was bad for Bush.

Ed Lasky  10 01 04