Left wing demonology (continued)


Liberals have been very adept at seeing conspiracies circulating around the political landscape. First, Karl Rove was the puppeteer manipulating society. One emailer even asserted Rove was financing our site.

Now, this: an LA Times op—ed finds one more straw man to demonize:the new Pope! Jack Miles blames the then—Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger for helping to push the American electorate into voting for George Bush. He notes that Ratzinger wrote a letter to American bishops instructing them to deny Communion to any Catholic candidate unwilling to criminalize abortion.

This is a reflection of Ratzinger's theology. He opposes the practice of abortion around the world, regardless of the American election realities. Yet Miles seems to see this as part and parcel of a plot to coerce Catholics into electing George Bush. The idea that American Catholics would be swayed to such an extent by a letter such as Ratzinger's is demeaning towards Catholics and disparaging of all Americans.

Ed Lasky   4 27 05