Left winger humor


Marc Cooper is a left winger, no doubt about it. But he is also honest, capable of righteous outrage, and (best of all) has a sense of humor. In the L.A. Weekly, he lets his imagination create a hilraious conversation between John Kerry and a hospitalized Bill Clinton:

I can imagine Clinton's first question: 'Hi, John, say, is Teresa there with you? What's she wearing?'

Then, immediately after the formalities, right down to the nitty—gritty. Clinton warning Kerry that he better get his act together real soon, retool his campaign, that he ought to find a message and stay on it, and that he ought to hit back hard at Bush, lest he get used to the idea of spending the next four years playing tiddlywinks with the last guy who didn't heed his campaign counsel — that goofy Al Gore. 'And you know how he wound up,' says Clinton with a dark tone, 'fat, depressed and with a beard.'

'I know, Bill, I know,' Kerry answers in quiet, controlled anger as he strokes his ample chin, pondering for just a moment how a beard would look on him.

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