Los Angeles Times bias proven


Patterico, whose website Patterico's Pontifications regularly points out the extreme bias of the Los Angeles Times, has caught them red—handed. The LAT edited out from a Reuters story, concerning the checkpoint shooting in Baghdad of communist Italian journalist Giuliana Sgrena and the killing of her Italian government bodyguard, the vital information that satellite pictures proved that Sgrena was lying about the speed of the car in which she was traveling, and the US troops were telling the truth.

It is now up to the LAT's editors to explain why they would deliberately remove important data from a story in order to defame US forces and support a communist making false accusations against them. A premature celebration of International Worker's Day (May first)?


Hat tip: Instapundit

Ed Lasky   5 01 01

Dick Weltz adds:

Surprisingly, and to its credit, the New York Times provides a much more detailed account of the incident in today's edition —— and one presenting the favorable findings of the US investigation at some length —— but equally surprising, it mentions not one word about any satellite pictures as mentioned above.