Madonna in Israel


Now that she's middle aged, marriage and motherhood  seemingly have mellowed Madonna, oops! Esther.  Looking for the meaning of life or whatever, she has glommed onto a form of kabalah, a mystical offshoot of Judaism that traditionally only a few married Jewish men over 40, who were well versed in Jewish law, studied. 
Yes, she's over 40 and married but obviously doesn't meet the other requirements.  Yes, she's involved in a form of kabalah lighter than lite and definitely with a twist.  Yes, her religious beliefs are mockable, even questionable but she's entitled.

But while other tourists stay away, frightened by terrorism, while others in the entertainment elite knock Israel, Esther/Madonna travelled to Israel for some soul searching.  Along the way, she brought some joy, some diversion to war weary Israelis.

Good for her.

Ethel C. Fenig   9 20 04