Mark Edelstein's different truths


Mark Edelstein is the president of Diablo Valley Community College in suburban Contra Costa County, a few miles east of Berkeley. He is also a public official who is willing to condone the indictrination of students with porven lies. For Edelstein, it is a matter of different perspectives and different truths. Writing in Front Page Magazine, Lee Kaplan exposes a scandal that is bigger, in a systemic fashion, than Ward Churchill. Readers are urged to notify Bill O'Reilly about the situation at DVCC. BOR is the one national voice who has taken on the role of crusader in addressing this kind of situation. He can shine the light necessary to uproot this noxious academic weed at DVCC, and focus public attention on the tolerance of the teaching of lies.

Post Modernism, with its doctrine that there are only different perspectives or narratives, and no truth, has criticaly infected academia and the media. It is no exaggeration to state that we face a new Dark Age of we lose sight of the concept of truth.

Hat tip: Chris Schweickert

Thomas Lifson   8 27 05