Maybe Frist will triumph


D.J. Drmmond of Polipundit makes a case that the filibuster deal may ultimately represent a triumph for Majority Leader Bill Frist:

Bill Frist lost a lot of his credibility as an effective leader when 7 supposed Republican Senators left the huddle to go work out a special deal with 7 from the Dark Side. But, if it should happen that in addition to O'Connor, Justices Rehnquist, Stevens, and (so it's rumored) Ginsberg also quit the field, the Filibuster Deal could severely hamstring the Democrats' ability to slow down the appointment of some truly Constitutionally—attentive Justices, either by preventing them from using their favorite tactic or by highlighting their hypocrisy when they break the agreement. The use of the Nuclear Option to accomplish the vote which seats the judges might then demonstrate an effective power play by Frist.

Clarice Feldman    7 9 05