Minority leader in Rolling Stone


Senator Harry Reid, leader of the Senate Democrats, is interviewed in the latest issue of Rolling Stone. Is appearing in Rolling Stone magazine reaching the crowd that all experts  tell the Democrats they must appeal to? Are the rural, the families, the religious reading it these days? Have I once again missed a major new cultural trend?
Or is this just more pandering to their base? After all, this magazine has carried ads for drug paraphernalia, celebrates music that denigrates police, women, family life, and all the standards and morality that much of America holds dear. And the Democrats' base has not been donating much money these days. Maybe it is just pandering time.
In the article itself, Senator Reid talks about the need to reach out to rural people! Reid does not buy that Kerry's loss was about "values." I suppose that is why he does not realize that many people would find it undignified for him to be interviewed in Rolling Stone.
Ed Lasky   6 3 05