"Misguided criminals"?


The BBC is notorious for refusing to call terrorists the t—word (when attacking American soldiers, Israelis, and Jews, at least), instead preferring "militants" and "insurgents." Now it is using another term: "misguided criminals."

Golly. Who misguided them? Maybe the radical imams London has permitted to set up shop in Engalnd? Those same imams that your Lord Mayor  (Red Ken Livingstone) welcomes and hails as peacemakers?
From the BBC World Affairs Editor:
London bombs need calm response
By John Simpson
BBC world affairs editor 
Last Monday, when I wrote here that it was going to be quite a week, I didn't know the half of it. I thought it would all be about the G8 summit at Gleneagles and the announcement of the 2012 Olympics.
Last week the single most—used word on the main search engines of the world was 'London'. Now that the bombs have exploded, and thousands of newspaper pages and entire days of air time have been devoted to the horror of it all, and to the poor, decent people who are dead and missing, and to the misguided criminals responsible, perhaps we can stand back from it all and catch our breath.
Ed Lasky   7 11 05