Missing headlines (continued)


"Consumer Prices Stable"

The absence of bad economic news continues to anger the liberals. 

Consumer Inflation Absent Again in June
By MARTIN CRUTSINGER, AP Economics Writer 37 minutes ago

WASHINGTON — Consumer prices in June were well—behaved for a second month, while consumer spending revved up overall economic activity.

Two government reports released Thursday showed that inflationary pressures were contained in June. At the same time, consumers hit the shopping malls and dealer showrooms, spurred by the start of summer and attractive auto incentives.

The Labor Department said the Consumer Price Index was unchanged in June, compared with decline of 0.1 percent in May. That had been the first outright drop in 10 months.

So while you don't have to shop til you drop and yes, gasoline prices might increase but in  the meantime, enjoy your non inflationary summer.
Ethel C. Fenig    7 15 05