Missing headlines (continued)


"US Jobless rate of 5% is lowest since September 2000"

I am sure the New York Times tomorrow will put their usual negative spin on this. Let me guess: probably comparing it negatively to the growth of the US population since September, 2001. Without mentioning that much of this growth comes from illegal aliens.

Ed Lasky   7 8 05

Ethel Fenig adds:

WASHINGTON — Hiring around the country picked up slightly in June with employers adding 146,000 jobs — helping to push the unemployment rate down to 5 percent, the lowest in nearly four years. 

Joe Crowley adds:

The WaPo can't even look you in the eye when it's forced to admit to good economic news! Here's their headline:

Job growth tepid, jobless rate drops
Here's my version:

US jobless half that of other rich countries