Missing headlines (continued)


"Chirac approval rating is now at 28%, the lowest rating of any leader at the G8 conference."

Bloomberg notes

"The Olympics bid defeat further diminishes Chirac's hopes of running for a third presidential term in 2007. His approval rating fell to 28 percent in June, down 12 points from the previous month, according to a monthly poll of 1,884 people done by Ifop for Journal de Dimanche.

"'Chirac was not an asset to the French bid,' said Sylvain Garel, a Paris city council member from the Green Party in a television interview."

Others have noted that two Finns served on the committee determining the next Olympics. Chirac's casual slur of Finnish food certainly didn't garner their votes.

Who says the French are master diplomats?

Michael Zukerman   7 6 05