Mistakes = "lies" ?


Teddy Kennedy has been among the most vicious critics of President Bush, never hesitating to brand errors or mistakes as "lies." Now, however, the shoe is on the other foot. The Boston Herald reports that the Senator has been illicitly receiving thousands of dollars a year in tax credits to which he is not entitled on his Washington, DC home. Of course, it is all an innocent mistake:

Called on the issue yesterday, the Bay State senator's staff said Washington officials gave him the deductions in error and without his knowledge — and vowed he will reimburse the D.C. government for the property tax breaks.

His staff did not provide specifics on how much he owes or why he had failed to previously notice the deductions being made.
Kennedy and his wife ``are looking into the issue and working with the D.C. government to determine the error and an appropriate solution to it — including refunding any deductions that they were erroneously given,'' Kennedy spokeswoman Laura Capps said.

Ed Lasky   5 10 05