More evidence of Venezuela election fraud


El Universal newspaper of Mexico City reports that significant physical evidence of electoral fraud has turned up near Caracas:

The opposition alliance Democratic Coordinator Tuesday demanded the pro—government majority in the board of directors of the National Electoral Council (CNE) to explain why a "a bunch" of boxes with stickers, adhesive ribbons and vote tallies —which suggests that the boxes contained electoral material from the August 15 recall referendum— were found in a cardboard recycling plant.

D'Elsa Solzano (from Solidaridad party) and Oscar Pérez (from Gente de Sucre party) reported the boxes were found in Cartonajes Lima Plant, in the outskirts of Caracas.

Under article 174 of the Organic Law on Vote and Political Participation, the CNE has an obligation to protect all of the electoral material up to 45 days following the announcement of official electoral results, Solórzano said.

Pérez showed a copy of a letter where the CNE ordered Luis Valentín to discard the material at a landfill.

They showed boxes that were allegedly utilized as ballot boxes and other that were used to contain electoral material. Some of the boxes contained copies of vote tallies, indicating the names of the voting centers, the names of the electoral witnesses, and their signatures on yellow adhesive ribbons showing the logo of the CNE.

The disgraceful behavior of ex—President Jimmy Carter in prematurely certifying a dubious election as looks even worse. Needless to say, the mainstream American press couldn't be less interested.

Posted by Richard   9 7 04