More influence for Soros?


Owners of sports teams in Washington have always seen them as avenues to garner political influence. They are one of the few non—partisan events that both Democrats and Republicans can attend together, and tickets in boxes always are difficult to come by.

Since many Congressman do not get back to their local districts, rooting for the local DC team is a time—honored tradition. Competition and rivalry have always been forces that politicians have enjoyed engaging in and watching from the sidelines. Lobbyists have often used sports events as a way to get an audience with polticians.

Famed super—lawyer Edward Bennett Williams owned a partial interest in the Washington Redskins football team and his access to prime seats was one of the tools he used to gain  immense poltical influence with both parties.  Now George Soros is stepping up to the plate as he attempts to become an owner of the new baseball team in Washington, the Nationals.

Ed Lasky    6 2 05