More pork for Chuck Schumer and New York


 It seems the town of Hurley, New York has cashed in  big time on the homeland security pork barrel.  At least previous instances of frivolous spending in other communities have involved medical first responders, police, and fire departments.  But Hurley, a bustling metropolis of 7000, has managed to convince the US Department of Homeland Security that the local bus company is a vital to the defense of the Hudson Valley.
The town has received a grant of $340,000 to improve security for the Adirondack Transit Lines.  The expenditures will include: $70,000 for a Global Positioning System (GPS), $84,000 for fencing and lighting, $139,500 to create a security plan, $15,000 for employee training (in what?), $6,000 for a bus identification system, and $25,000 to install a bus facility surveillance system.  Chuckie Schumer was very proud of this accomplishment when he said, 
"Whether it's getting to work or simply getting around town, Hudson Valley residents rely on buses to get from point A to Point B.  This funding will help improve bus security to ensure that residents can get around safely and efficiently."
One wonders if the police, EMS, or search and rescue in the Hudson Valley area are fully equipped with GPS, or are they lower on the priority list than the bus company?  The next time the medics get lost trying to get to the scene of a disaster or, heaven forbid, a terrorist attack, ask Chuckie how this could have happened.
Posted by Doug   09—16—04