More UN scandal


Yet another scandal erupting from the UN. An anti—Semitic demagogues abuses his authroity to bash Isarel, while iognoring his substantitive duties. Canada's National Post reports that

When the United Nations selected Marxist demagogue Jean Ziegler as the first Special Rapporteur on the right to food, none were more taken aback than the Geneva parliamentarian's countrymen, who long suffered his anti—Western diatribes. With his new post, the man once described as "Switzerland's Noam Chomsky" promised to turn a new leaf and "seek consensus." [....]

Instead, our planet's ostensible hunger—fighter has systematically neglected the world's recognized food emergencies in order to focus his energies on assailing the United States and, especially, Israel, which, he insists, starves Palestinians and inflicts their children with "some form of brain damage."

It would be so easy to yawn and dismiss this except the destruction and suffering caused doesn't allow for such a luxury.  The US has widely witheld some of our dues which should continue.  We should  demand real reform from the UN or think of it as a nonsensical debating society where fringe countries have an opportunity to huff and puff  but not as an institution with any serious capabilities. 

Ethel C. Fenig   9 10 04