Mrs. Tony Blair


Married to the leader of one of the most important nations of the free world, she is a successful high powered lawyer in her own right.  Backing just about every popular liberal left cause around, including opposition to George Bush and the war on terror in Iraq while speaking sympathetically of the so called suffering of the oppressed, she is also involved in a real estate scandal.
Yes, Cherie Blair——ha! you thought only Hillary was so controversial——is part of the British atmosphere so conducive to coddling terrorists. So much so that one blog felt compelled to ask

Was Cherie Blair a Partial Cause of the Terror Blitz in London this

Does Cherie Blair now really "understand the motives" of the London bombers, justifying them and wishing to bond with them to find new common ground and mutual understandings?

In fighting the terrorist threat to London, Tony Blair could do nothing more productive then muzzle his Misses.  Cherie Blair has a long history of anti—American, pro—terror activism and statements.  You may recall that she was the leading British voice denouncing the supposed mistreatment of al—Qaeda prisoners in Gitmo, and never mind that it turns out that they eat better than US troops do.  And she dissed the American legal system — calling it a "grandfather clock" among "21st century timepieces" — and suggested it could learn lessons from Europe.  She claims George Bush "stole" the election.  Pro—terror Marxist web magazines love her.   She has been up to her plucked eyebrows in a sleazy scandal involving Australian real estate, in cahoots with a notorious conman down under, in what the Brits are calling Cheriegate.

She provoked outrage in the British Jewish community two years ago when she said she understood why Palestinian suicide bombers were driven to do what they did.   She told Palestinians that she understands and justifies suicide bombers.

So to be consistent, shouldn't she apply her same "reasoning" to the perps of the London subway bombings?

Cherie is such a moonbat that her pro—terror comments have been set to disco.

Ethel C. Fenig   7 10 05