MSM fallacies


This excerpt from a preview of a Sunday New York Times piece about Ted Koppel illustrates two MSM fallacies that are in fact part of the reason for it's own decline.
Ted Koppel, who is at last exiting "Nightline," tells The New York Times Magazine in an interview running this Sunday that the biggest problem with network TV news today is "they're giving up some of the very things that can differentiate them from the bloggers and other groups that are getting into journalism" —— namely, overseas coverage.
To be fair I admit that I agree with the "at last" part of the first line. But beyond that the idea that network news is giving up overseas coverage and bloggers don't cover news beyond our borders is so contrary to reality I won't waste the time of the web choir reading this other than to say if Mr. Koppel spent half as much time online as he does in make—up he'd realize how very wrong that statement is.
Joe Crowley   4 29 05